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Money for Nothing !

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Yaşam Tarzı Finans
Geliştirici: Adrianus de Klerk
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Who doesnt like Free Money ?

There could be MONEY OR VALUABLES waiting for you.
State Governments and Federal Agencies are literally sitting on BILLIONS of dollars of unclaimed assets !

ONE in FOUR people has unclaimed money or property somewhere in the U.S.
Business owners often have abandoned assets in each State where they operated.
In the past that money and those properties were forever lost to the rightful owners or their heirs. That changed.

It is now mandatory for States/Jurisdictions and Agencies to try to find the rightful owner or the heirs. But most of them wait till someone comes knocking on the door of their Treasury. With our App you can find out where to knock and ask for what is rightfully yours !

Our App takes you on a Treasure Hunt in all U.S. States, at the Fed. Government, and in Canada. It gives instructions what to do when you find your Unclaimed Money or Property.

Who does not like Free Money ? Start looking for it now !

Unclaimed money can be: wages, tax refunds, insurance payments, reimbursements health insurance, utility refunds, security deposits, escrow balances, dividends, royalty payments, interest in a closed bank accounts, pension or retirement benefits, checks, M.O.s., stocks, bonds, savings certificates.
Unclaimed property can be: cash, coins, jewelry, collectables, art.